April 2018

Fake news is appropriate nowadays given we live in a fake democracy, one not run by the people, but by corporations and the wealthy. April 17, 2018

The political world is filled with men like Paul Ryan, who sacrifice moral and ethical standards for economic policy. That's why the world is in the sorry shape that it is. April 15, 2018

Democracy is not about the vote; it's about those with money buying votes. April 13, 2018

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has said that we're all crew mates on the same ship, but  the truth is we have become fiercely independent and we're sailing our courses alone. April 11, 2018

Despite the USA's environmental innovations, when the USA's history is ultimately written, it will say Americans were the most wasteful and destructive of natural resources of all peoples. April 9, 2018

Idiocy is easily recognizable, unless your mind is clouded by religion, money, or greater idiocy. April 6, 2018

America has always been politically divided. But it has reached a new level of absurdity. April 4, 2018



March 2018

Most people's principles are closely tied to their self interests. March 29, 2018

Trump said Stormy Daniels isn't his type, but she sure seemed to work out all right in a pinch. March 28, 2018

Fake news is not something new. It's something old being used in a new and dangerous way.  March 26, 2018

Water made earth alive and different  from other worlds in the universe. The pollution of water by man will end up making earth just as desolate as other worlds in the universe.  March 25, 2018

When the ship finally sinks, Trump will be the first to say it was someone else's fault.  March 24, 2018

The downside to greater access to information is giving greater access to our personal information.  March 23, 2018

Definition of "no collusion": What criminals say to deflect attention from their actual conspiratorial crime.  March 22, 2018

If Trump were ousted today, we would be no better off because the misguided thinking that elected him and others like him still abounds.  March 19, 2018

Putin is an imperialist bemoaning the loss of much of the old Soviet Union's territory by stealing back pieces of it, such as Crimea.  March 17, 2018

There's nothing wrong with a sunny disposition, but even sunshine can hang around too long.  March 16, 2018

Reality gives birth to pessimism; delusion spawns optimism.  March 15, 2018

The love of money is not the only root of evil. So is selfishness, and as roots go, the love of money is a distant second to selfishness.  March 12, 2018

The age of kings is not dead. But they are known by new names: Trump, Koch brothers, Gates, Musk, General Electric, Raytheon, Boeing, Buffet, Page, Walmart, etc.  March 10, 2018

Women aren't from Venus; men aren't from Mars. The gap is much wider. Women are from Mercury; men are from Pluto.  March 5, 2018

In politics these days, there seems to be no end to bad ideas and bad policies.  March 4, 2018

Criticism never led to advancing better ideas; learning to deal with criticism did.  March 3, 2018

Science welcomes new ideas about life; religion resists them.  March 2, 2018

The world does not become better because there are people who know all the answers. The world becomes better because there are people who ask hard questions.  March 1, 2018



February 2018

When you become an enemy of truth, you become a friend of evil.  Feb. 28, 2018

Spring is a tease, flirting with fleeting warmth. Winter is a brute, hammering with cold steel.  Feb. 27, 2018

America's political debate has been broken for a long time because it is more interested in attacking opponents than attacking issues.  Feb. 26, 2018

No, when it rains, it doesn't always pour. Human nature being what it is likes to think the worst.  Feb. 24, 2018

Some people oppose any manipulation of human genes, but if hate could be turned off by tweaking a gene, wouldn't we do it?.  Feb. 23, 2018

Some people think the next evolutionary step after walking and running is driving a car and flying in an airplane. But the ultimate next step is asthma and pulmonary disease.  Feb. 22, 2018

The sharpest tongue is not the wisest.  Feb. 20, 2018

Humans remaking of the world for their comfort has made the world less habitable not only for other living creatures, but also for humans themselves. Feb. 19, 2018

Gambling possibly can make a few rich, but it definitely makes many poor.  Feb. 18, 2018

In doing what they were designed for, guns take away what is most valuable to us.  Feb. 16, 2018

Conformity is safe, different always dangerous.  Feb. 15, 2018

American culture is being managed by advertising, not discretion or volition.  Feb. 13, 2018

It's easier to turn floodwaters, than it is the anger of an idiot.  Feb. 11, 2018

The stock market is not a gamble. It's similar to Vegas. It's rigged in favor of those who control it.  Feb. 9, 2018

Inspiration comes from many sources, but the most important is hard work.  Feb. 8, 2018

Don't get your hopes up if you find your hopes are easily dashed usually.  Feb. 6, 2018

All it takes to keep a fantasy alive is a another lie and the same gullible people.  Feb. 4, 2018

Good politics bases decisions on fact, bad politics on opinion.  Feb.2, 2018



January 2018

Imperialism didn't die. It just took on a new name -- protecting interests.  Jan. 31, 2018

Real power is found not in you controlling others, but in controlling yourself.  Jan. 29, 2018

Homo sapiens is the most successful species ever, but  its success may be its undoing one day.  Jan. 28, 2018

Courage comes from understanding, fear from ignorance.  Jan. 26, 2018

Capitalism doesn't work for everyone, and it works best for a lot of people who don't deserve the best.  Jan. 25, 2018

The quickest way to ruin a soul is to give it everything it wants.  Jan. 22, 2018

Art is seeing something in life in a different way and conveying that something in one form or another.  Jan. 21, 2018

Trump is a disgrace, but the number of people who support him is a bigger disgrace, and the biggest disgrace of all is the number of people who because of political or economic pressure refuse to condemn Trump's lies, bullying, and total inability as a leader. Jan. 19, 2018

Early in human history, ignorance led men to be superstitious; today mankind is no longer superstitious, but ignorance is still prevalent. Jan. 18, 2018

What we don't know, we fear. What we do know, we treat with too much arrogance.  Jan. 16, 2018

Fate is inevitable only if we allow it to be.  Jan. 15, 2018

Whatever international prestige and goodwill Barack Obama was able to rebuild for the US after the ill judgment of George W. Bush, Trump has squandered and destroyed with his big mouth. Jan. 14, 2018

A liar needs liars to prop up his lies, and Trump has plenty of unprincipled people lying for him to make America the greatest disgrace the world has seen.  Jan. 13, 2018

The laud of men isn't worth the licking of boots, if that is what it takes. Jan. 12, 2018

To be truly good, don't underestimate your weakness to be really bad. Jan. 11, 2018

If you want attain greatness, then learn what it means to be small first. Jan. 10, 2018

The truth is not always easy to determine, and neither are lies. But lies are more expedient. Jan. 9, 2018

Reasonable people are sometimes unsettled by facts that conflict with what they believe. Unreasonable people are always offended by facts that conflict with what they believe. Jan. 8, 2018

Fox News likes to talk about the lying media, as if they aren't part of the media. I guess they aren't. They're a propaganda machine. Jan. 7, 2018

George W. Bush used lies to get into Iraq; the Republican Party is using the lies of Trump to frighten the U.S. into a racist, despotic state. Jan. 6, 2018

The world of business practiced by corporations is more cutthroat and bloodthirsty than the Serengeti. Jan. 5, 2018

If the Civil War wasn't about slavery, then the Revolutionary War wasn't about independence. Jan. 4, 2018

War is more horrific than heroic. Jan. 2, 2018




Conservatism usually stands for traditional values, especially selfishness and greed.  Dec. 31, 2017

Trump tweeted the 29th that he is the smartest president ever. Of course, that's not true. His talent is mockery, insults, and deceit.  Dec. 30, 2017

A quiet appreciation of your talents is important to your sense of self-worth and character development. An over-appreciation is self-destructive and detestable to others.  Dec. 29, 2017

The road to success is littered with bad ideas with only one good one -- at the end.  Dec. 28, 2017

The present always tends to distort the past and the future.  Dec. 24, 2017

The natural environment handles only a certain amount of waste; exceed that amount and the natural environment is laid to waste.  Dec. 22, 2017

Trouble is a constant; it only varies in intensity.  Dec. 20, 2017

Wisdom is knowing what to do with knowledge.  Dec. 18, 2017

Time is not only relative. It's aggravating too. Dec. 15, 2017

Voters should never have been given the opportunity to vote for a man like Trump. He should have been rejected as a candidate by his party. It is the Republican Party's responsibility to provide the best candidate possible in any election, not just anyone who decides to run. Dec. 13, 2017

Einstein changed the meaning of time for all ... well, for all time. December 12, 2017

Time waits for no man -- but a woman thinks time can wait indefinitely for her. Dec. 11, 2017 

Television opened the doors to the increased spread of knowledge and the even greater increase in the spread of idiocy. Dec. 10, 2017 

Children don't learn from their mistakes unless they are pointed out to them by adults. That's what makes adults feel important. Dec. 8, 2017

A child doesn't enter the world with a blank slate. Each child inherits a lifetime of mistakes from their parents. Dec. 6, 2017

Republicans have tricked Americans into believing that liberal does not mean to be a giver, but that it means to be a taker - as in taking away rights. Dec. 5, 2017

A television comes with a switch to turn it off, but most people don't use it when they should. Dec. 4, 2017

Even an honest camera lies. Dec. 3, 2017 

World War III isn't down the street or around the corner; with mankind's penchant for weapons and greed, WW III is knocking at the door. Dec. 2, 2017 




The White House is in turmoil because of the turd moiling there.  Nov. 30, 2017

The only qualification Trump requires of candidates for positions in his administration is that they be unqualified. Nov. 29, 2017 

A closed mind makes a dark life for everyone involved. Nov. 28, 2017 

Crap doesn't only happen; it gets healthy boosts from idiots. Nov. 25, 2017 

Dictators come in all shape and sizes, but in only one form of barbarism. Nov. 24, 2017

If humankind is the crowning achievement of evolution, as some believe, then evolution has some further adjustments to make. Nov. 22, 2017

America is concerned about a lot of noble things in principle, such as equality for all and economic security for all, but not when it comes to reality. Nov. 16, 2017

Compassion and peace are useless to a person like Trump, who is only concerned about being first. Nov. 14, 2017

Trump said in a speech in southeast Asia that America will always put itself first as other countries put themselves first. That policy is one of selfishness, not cooperation, and only will lead to conflict and war.  Nov. 12, 2017

Fate is not an option - fate happens. Nov. 5, 2017 

If men and women have souls, most are hidden deeply under tough layers of selfishness and materialism. Nov. 3, 2017 

Climate change doesn't adequately describe the consequences of what humans are doing to the earth. Shouldn't it be called climate catastrophe? Nov. 2, 2017 




The road to happiness is not lined with money, but friends.  October 31, 2017 

Intelligence, unlike ignorance, requires that you constantly have to re-evaluate what you know and don't know. With ignorance, you think you know it all.  October 30, 2017 

Republicans want a government of the people, by the people, for the corporations.  October 29, 2017 

Republicans tout the stock market as the next great retirement plan for middle-class America. However, when it crashes as it has crashed in the past, it will be the next big ripoff of middle-class America. October 28, 2017

Medieval people had an excuse for believing the world was flat. They lived in an age of scientific ignorance. People such as Trump and the people he has put in office have no excuse for their ignorance of scientific facts. October 27, 2017

Enshrined among purple mountain majesty are buried the sharp divisions of white against black, yellow, and red, where tolerance does not shine.  October 26, 2017 

American politics has degenerated to the point where it is not advantageous for a candidate or elected official to tell the truth. October 25, 2017

The Trump administration keeps playing the patriotism card because it knows nothing about truth, justice or how to run a country. It's a card ill-run administrations in the past have played, and it works because Americans like to talk high principles and live low ones. October 21, 2017 

Americans only see patriotism on the battlefield and athletic field so that patriotism has practically nothing to do with everyday citizenship. October 16, 2017

Morons beget and befriend morons. October 13, 2017

Human nature, today, is about as far from nature as you can get. October 9, 2017


Republicans are saying we shouldn't politicize gun control now. 

What? The guy who killed 58 people and wounded hundreds just politicized it. October 6, 2017

People say we should respect the office of the presidency. Sure we should, and how about the guy in it respecting the office the most. October 5, 2017

Some Republicans are saying mass murders are the price we pay for freedom. They're wrong. Mass murders are the result of the idiocy and madness reluctant to control access to weapons of mass murder. October 4, 2017

Life isn't what you make it. It's dealing with what the world throws at you. October 3, 2017  

One generation is all it takes to blur the past, two generations to lose track of history altogether. September 26, 2017

The corruption of the soul begins with the corruption of the mind. September 17, 2017